Every time I see a college educated person write “Your welcome” online, I feel a sense of ease knowing I have a chance in this world.

Dec 31 3:14 with 1 note

I went out to a store earlier tonight to pick up some last minute things for Christmas.  I was standing in the aisle alone and I looked up and further down the aisle at different families scanning the shelves and making conversation. The image instantly brought to mind this Bright Eyes song I love:

Filled with people who 
Are shopping for Their lovers and their friends
So they won’t ever be lonely again

It was one of those moments it all made sense and I realized how sad that was. Most love we offer to others, is done so in the hopes that we’ll receive love back. I can’t think of one truly selfless act in the Human world. 

Dec 22 3:33 with 2 notes
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